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FMDS Conducts Strategic Planning for 2017-2019

The Faculty of Management and Development Studies (FMDS) of the University of the Philippines Open University (UPOU) embarked on a two-day workshop last 07-08 November 2016 at Shercon Resort and Ecology Park, Mataas na Kahoy, Batangas to craft the Faculty’s plans to guide its development for the coming three years.

Prior to this workshop, a university wide general assembly was spearheaded by Chancellor Melinda dP. Bandalaria last 01 August 2016 to discuss the strategic plans which will shape the future of UPOU. This collaborative discussion yielded university wide programs which was used during the FMDS workshop to expand the Faculty’s contribution to the institution.

Headed by Dean Primo G. Garcia, the planning sought ideas from FMDS program chairs, faculty and staffs to enhance the university plan and create a thriving academic environment through FMDS initiatives concentrating on the 12 strategies of the university.

Under the Innovate strategy which encourages best practices and new developments in teaching, learning, research and public service, FMDS hopes to contribute through training's on online teaching, course design, and learning strategies, regular program reviews and updating of course materials, and sharing the best practices and outputs of the faculty.

Three strategies, namely FLEX, Access UP and PLAZA advance openness and sharing. Under FLEX, by reviewing the admission requirements, FMDS aims to introduce multiple pathways and entrances to existing programs as well as combine traditional and new media in offering relevant professional continuing education course while updated FMDS communication collaterals, program promotions and the ODeL student support system will be strengthened under the ACCESS UP strategy. The Faculty will also provide technical assistance to institutions in the realm of praxis and partner with other sectors in the development and delivery of professional development programs through the PLAZA strategy.

OPEN UP aims to increase student population and course and program completion rates. Under this, the Faculty will develop relevant Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and Open Online Courses (OOCs) catering to development issues in society. UPOU Connected pushes for an improvement of the university’s information and communication system with FMDS planning to develop podcasts on public issues and use the website and social media platforms to disseminate information on various activities.

Saliksik strengthens the research arm of the institution where FMDS aims to formulate a program based research agenda such as in policies, gender, health, disaster risk reduction, biodiversity, climate change, open education in ASEAN, public sector and development. The Faculty also pushes for opportunities to publish research in different avenues, conduct training on academic publishing and on the Faculty’s multidisciplinary expertise, and increase the publication rate of the faculty journal, Journal of Management and Development Studies.

CARE UPOU advocates for public service programs on relevant and timely issues society face. FMDS supports this strategy by hosting fora, further strengthening the ODeL component of existing public service programs such as with the Earth Ambassadors, and providing leadership in environmental governance in the university.

TAYO promotes staff welfare through good work-life balance where FMDS plans to support the Faculty information and communication mechanisms, occupational health and wellness initiatives, opportunities for socialization, and graduate studies of academic and administrative employees.

eFA endeavors to achieve administrative efficiency and FMDS plans to contribute to this move by streamlining operations, generating more resources and practicing prudent fiscal management. QAlidad seeks to address the credentialing concerns and recognition of accomplishments by students of DE or online learning. FMDS supports this strategy by evaluating the Faculty’s academic efficiency with IAADS as a framework and preparation of student manuals.

Mission RA 10650 involves strategies to fulfill the mandate given to us by the government through the RA 10650 known as An Act Expanding Access to Educational Services by Institutionalizing Open Distance Learning in Levels of Tertiary Education. FMDS plans to fulfill this by developing short courses on topics in which the Faculty has comparative expertise.

The FMDS strategic planning follows an extensive series of university wide workshops held by different offices and other faculties of studies as the institution has highlighted the importance of having as much faculty and staff input as possible during these discussions. The above mentioned planned contributions of FMDS will commence in 2017.

FMDS Pioneers Student Orientation via Social Media

The Faculty Secretary’s Office of the Faculty of Management and Development Studies (FMDS) held its very first Online Orientation for New Students on 20 August 2016. Making the most out of today’s technology and most popular social media site, the orientation was conducted using Facebook’s new live stream feature—Facebook Live.

The online student orientation via Facebook Live was a first for FMDS, which used to conduct its orientation face-to-face. Delivered using social media, the student orientation was made more accessible to students around the country and beyond. The said activity was organized for the newly admitted students as a venue to clarify points regarding the orientation materials, including academic and administrative policies, sent to them before the online student orientation.

The online student orientation was led by Asst. Prof. Rita C. Ramos, Secretary to the Faculty of FMDS, and Ms. Jeniffer F. De Pasion, FMDS Student Support Staff. There were also Program Chairs and Learning Center Coordinators who participated and helped answer some queries through the comments section.

The students who participated in the online student orientation commended FMDS’ efforts to make this orientation more accessible. It was very convenient for them as it took place real-time. Some students were able to participate and ask questions even when in transit or while relaxing by the beach. The students were also confident in asking questions unlike in previous face-to-face orientation where students were reluctant to ask or clarify points.

The online student orientation was also recorded so students can go back to and watch it. The online student orientation garnered 3,742 views and 780 comments.

FMDS Celebrates Recognition Day for Graduating Class 2016

140 bright minds from the Faculty of Management and Development Studies (FMDS) of UP Open University celebrated years of hard work and commitment in the fields of management, health, development, and environment on 29 July 2016 at the Centennial Center for Digital Learning Building (CCDL). They were part of a graduating class of over 361 students from different parts of the Philippines and abroad who have recently completed UP Open University’s online baccalaureate and graduate programs.

Finishing a degree doesn’t end with the students’ last footfalls on stage, but with an added responsibility to serve the country better. Dr. Primo G. Garcia, Dean of FMDS, welcomed everyone with a challenge. He said that “it is now time to make what we have learned matter to the people who matter – the Filipino people.”

This sentiment was strongly echoed by the students and during his speech, Jabez Joshua Flores from the Master of Environment and Natural Resources Management program (MENRM), urged everyone to “use education as an opportunity for application, as a platform for action.” True enough, after the recognition program and the students were able to get to know each other better, a plan was created to develop a consultancy group composed of FMDS graduate students to share their knowledge and lessons learned during their stay at the university.

For Jerome Adriano, also a MENRM student, he sees that the most important lessons he learned were time management skills and determination as well as the value in enjoying the whole learning experience instead of drowning in grade consciousness, of being collaborative and not overly competitive as he believed that “the success of everybody is better than being on top of the heap.”

This success might be dressed with a shining medal while holding a crisp certificate or it might just be that proud look on their loved ones’ faces and the feeling that they’ve made it this far against all odds. No matter how many faces success wears, behind it are stories of perseverance, grit and ambition, constantly challenged and questioned by work and domestic responsibilities on top of academic requirements. Diploma in Research & Development Management (DR&DM) student, Paolo Hilado, credits this success to the significant people who gave their unyielding support, understanding and patience during their studies as they balanced work and family duties.

Former Dean of FMDS, Dr. Inocencio E. Buot, Jr. was also there during the recognition to support the students and give his inspirational message. He used the imagery of katakataka touted as the “wonder plant” in his speech. The plant is also known as siempre vivo translated from Spanish meaning -always alive. The plant has been used to symbolize the deep-seated patriotism that is forever growing in the country because of its ability to grow in any ground, even by just throwing a part of it into the soil. In UP, The katakataka is found at the base of the oblation statue and it carries the same meaning of patriotism for the country.

Just like the katakataka, the students of FMDS have been inculcated with a commitment to serve the people, take root and flourish anywhere and in any circumstance. Testament to this is Adriano’s plans to continue studying in UPOU for a PhD degree and pass his EnP Licensure Exam. Flores was accepted at UP Los Banos Graduate School for his PhD in Environmental Science and is now enjoying his 1st semester while still managing his organic farm, Cafe Antonio Restaurant, and teaching an online class on Personal Entrepreneurial Development under the FMDS Continuing Education Program. Hilado plans to engage in R&D projects that would greatly contribute to the country’s development through DOST or DOH and then pursue his doctorate degree after three to four years.

Both Paolo Hilado and Jabez Joshua Flores are recipients of the Chancellor’s List award together with Harvey John Garcia from the MENRM Program. Jerome Adriano, who is also from MENRM received the Dean’s List recognition together with Ronald John Autriz from DR&DM.

Dr. Jean A. Saludadez, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration and Program Chair of ASEAN Studies delivered the closing message. Graduating students, professors, staff members, and guests shared lunch after the recognition rites.


FMDS Comprehensive Exam Date Schedule 1st semester 2017-2018

Diploma in Social Work

Human Behavior & Social Environment (October 24, 2017)

Social Welfare Policies and Research (October 26, 2017)


Master of Social Work

Human Behavior & Social Environment

Social Welfare Policies and Research

(October 24, 2017)

Social Work Profession and Practice

Social Agency , Leadership and Management

(October 26, 2017)

Area of Specialization (October 28, 2017)


Master of Environment and Natural Resources Management

General Field (October 27, 2017)

Major Field (October 28, 2017)


Master of Public Management

General Field (November 6, 2017)

Public Policy and Program Administration (November 8, 2017)

Local Government and Regional Administration(LGRA) & Voluntary Sector Management (VSM) (November 10, 2017)


Master of Arts in Nursing (January 9 and 11, 2018)


Master of ASEAN Studies (January 12, 2018)


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