Shiela R. Bonito, PhD


Faculty of Management and Development Studies

University of the Philippines Open University

Adult Health Nursing Geriatrics

Open and Distance Learning

Disaster Management

Nursing Workforce

eHealth and Informatics

1. Bonito, S., Chiu, I.M., Oruga, M. & Sy, M. (2023). Children with Special Needs and their Access to Rehabilitation Services in the Philippines: A Q Methodology Study on Perceived Barriers by Family Members.

2. Mashino, S., Bonito, S., Chandra, Y., Matsuo, K., Hu, Q., Tao, Y., Agustini, E., Paudel, S. & Kanbara, Sakiko. (2022). Nursing Experience on Disaster and Health Emergencies. 10.1007/978-3-030-98297-3_7.

3. Pajarillo, E., Bonito, S., Paguio, J., & Cariaso, J. (2021). Expanding the faculty capacity to help meet the increased national demand resulting from the addition of nursing informatics in the baccalaureate program: A Philippines experience. Journal of Nursing Education and Practice. 11. 22. 10.5430/jnep.v11n11p22.

4. Kim, S., Lee, T., Kim, G.S., Cho, E., Jang, Y., Choi, M., Bonito, S. (2021). Nurses in advanced roles as a strategy for equitable access to healthcare in the WHO Western Pacific region: a mixed methods study. Human Resources for Health. 19. 10.1186/s12960-021-00555-6

5. Balabagno, A., Bonito, S., Dones, L. B., Pagsibigan, J., & Paguio, J. (2020). Work Environment of Nurses in the Philippines: A Preliminary Study. Philippine Journal of Nursing. 6. Banayat, A., Gaspar, A., Cariaso, J. & Bonito, S. (2020). Use of Case Scenarios and Simulation in Teaching Critical Care Nursing. 10.1891/9780826161215.0029.

  • Theoretical Foundations in Nursing
  • Statistics in Nursing
  • Advanced Statistics in Nursing
  • Foundations in Gerontology
  • Nursing Global Disease
  • Epidemiology Leadership and Management in International Health
  • Health Emergency Management

1. UP Scientist II – UP Scientific Productivity System (SPS)

2. UP Scientist III UP Scientific Productivity System 2021-2023

3. UPINHF 2020 International Nurse Awardee

Dean, College of Nursing UP Manila