FMDS Framework

Intersection of FMDS Instruction, Research and Public Service

Public Service and Research Thrusts of FMDS will be referred to as 

Community Inclusivity, Digital Transformation, And Acceleration Towards Sustainability (CIDAS)

(Inklusibo, Makatao, at Digital na Transpormasyon tungo sa Likas-kayang Pag-unlad ng Pamayanan)

Specific Research Thrusts

a. Leadership Innovation through People-centered and Accountable Governance and Digital Transformation (LIPAD Barangay)

A Certificate program towards Brgy. Transformation, Enhancement of Brgy. Digital Hub, Capacity-building for the Barangays.

This initiative aims to empower and equip Barangay leaders with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to promote participatory governance, community-based disaster risk management, and gender-responsive planning and management.

b. Municipal Digital Transformation

Together, Project Lakbay and Earth Ambassador Activities stand as cornerstones of our dedication to empowering youth and children. These initiatives nurture personal growth, instill a sense of purpose, and equip young individuals with the tools to become positive agents of change in society. By investing in their development and fostering a spirit of responsibility, we strive to create a generation that embraces both individual growth and collective well-being, for a better and more sustainable future. 

Earth Ambassador

A project launched in 2013 by the UPOU through the FMDS that aims to train a core group of selected elementary students to promote awareness about sustainable development, biodiversity conservation and management of natural ecosystems and  traditional socio-ecological landscapes. The UPOU Earth Ambassadors are composed of youth, usually students from the partner schools who will help raise awareness and conduct activities in their local schools and communities in line with sustainable development, environmental and natural resource management. The present EA partner schools as of its relaunch on 8 June 2023 are: Sto. Domingo (Bay), Dayap Elementary School (Calauan), The Learning Place International (Los Baños), and Paciano Rizal Elementary School (Los Baños).

Project LAKBAY

This Youth Cultural and Learning Immersion Camp represents an exciting opportunity for young people to engage in a holistic learning experience. This immersive camp likely includes a range of activities such as learning visits, action, hands-on, and social learning, educational workshops, and various development activities.

  • Senior citizens to keep their dignity and enthusiasm to participate in community activities; the role of senior citizens in society; UPOU as an age-friendly university
  • Barangay training capacity
  • Boost Elderly Citizens’ dignity, and integrity through an age-friendly university
  • Women in Tech Start-up

University of the Philippines Open University (UPOU) is a member of the Age-Friendly University (AFU) Global Network, an international association of higher education institutions that have endorsed the 10 AFU principles and are committed to becoming more age-friendly in their programs and policies. 

CHEW is a public service effort that focuses on enhancing the health and wellness of villages and communities in the ASEAN region and globally. Unlike many health programs that tend to concentrate on larger hospitals and urban areas, CHEW recognizes the importance of reaching out to underserved and rural communities at the grassroots level. This community-centered approach ensures that healthcare services and education are brought closer to the people who need them most.

MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on Well Being and Mental Health Course

This course is designed to equip a diverse range of individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to provide meaningful support to individuals facing mental health challenges. Whether you are a caring friend or family member, an educator, counselor, healthcare professional, or a potential helpline volunteer, this program will enhance your ability to empathize, communicate effectively, and positively impact the lives of those in need. This course is also suitable for organizations and the public sector committed to promoting mental health awareness and support within their communities.

Planning and organizing events that provide a focus of public attention to topics related to climate awareness and climate justice. 

a. Through Land Management

  • Enhanced Generation of Local Government Revenues through Improved Real Property Valuation and Adoption of the Land Value Tax

b. Through Shared Growth

  • Community Currency

SLIDE serves as a prime target for UPOU’s Associate of Arts in Digital Entrepreneurship program (AADE). It aims to provide a platform for small and local businesses to operate and adapt in a digitally networked and rapidly changing business environment, Demonstrate creativity, innovation, and ethical values when transitioning business concepts, assets, products, services, and essential elements digitally, while also embodying an entrepreneurial mindset that incorporates ethical conduct, cultural awareness, environmental considerations, and social responsibility within the digitally proficient enterprise in line with the program’s goal. 

The goal of this initiative is to Identify ways and facilitate programs on how communities can apply research results of technology to improve their way of living and encourage community members to participate in using research in the development of their communities. A forward-thinking and community-focused effort that seeks to bridge the gap between academic research and the practical needs of local communities through workshops, training, and upskilling of community members.

FMDS Research and Publications

FMDS conducts research both in its program disciplines and open and distance e-learning. FMDS draws upon its different degree programs to do research on management and development concerns from an interdisciplinary perspective. The Faculty has also tapped on its expertise in open learning and networked technologies to address institutional, health, environmental, economic and social issues and problems affecting the country.

To help disseminate research results, FMDS publishes the Journal of Management and Development Studies and participates in various research projects.