Lloyd Lyndel P. Simporios, RSW, MSW

Assistant Professor

Faculty of Management and Development Studies

University of the Philippines Open University

  • Social Policy/ Social Protection
  • Gender Studies
  • Mental Health
  • Ageing and Gerontology
  1. “From Marginalization to Empowerment: Examining Human Rights Issues Facing Indigenous Peoples in the Philippines” (working title)
  2. “Senior High School Education in Negros Oriental, Philippines: Neoliberal Globalization’s Effects and Implications” (working title)
  3. “Breaking the Glass Ceiling?: A Case Study of Challenges and Successes of Women Leadership Positions in the Philippine Technology Startup Ecosystem (PTSE)”

SW 201 – Social, Political, Economic Structure & Processes

SW 280.1 – Field Instruction (Generalist Social Work Practice)

EDS 107 – Gender and Education (as tutor)

Program Development Associate (PDA)

Assistant Secretary to the Faculty (FMDS)

Member, Task Force for the Revision of Diploma in Women and Development & the Development of the  Master’s in Women and Gender Studies