LVM 208 – Mass Appraisal

Course Title: Mass Appraisal

Prerequisites: None

Number of Units: 3

Course Description: Valuation of multiple properties including the use of Multiple Regression Analysis

Course Objectives:

By the end of the course, the students should be able to:
● Interpret and apply the concepts and principles of mass appraisal;
● Apply the concepts and procedures of collecting and maintaining property data;
● Interpret and analyze the three approaches to value with regard to their application to mass appraisal; and
● Develop multiple regression analysis models in the context of mass appraisal.

Course Outline:

Module 1. Theory, Evidence, and Practice of Land Value Taxation

Module 2. Property Tax Administration and Policy

Module 3. Mass Appraisal Process in Developing the Schedule of Market Values

Module 4. Preparing the Schedule of Market Values (Part One)

Module 5. Preparing the Schedule of Market Values (Part Two)

Module 6. Preparing the Schedule of Market Values (Part Three)

Module 7. Valuation Testing

Module 8. Statistics and Appraisal (Part One)

Module 9. Statistics and Appraisal (Part Two)

Module 10. Statistics and Appraisal (Part Three)

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