Course Title: ASEAN Studies I

Course Description: Introduction to the field of ASEAN studies; the region’s geography, cultures, history, politics, economies and record of interactions; and selected current issues facing the region.

Course Credit: 3 units

Course Prerequisite: None

Course Objectives: 

At the end of the semester the student should be able to:

  1. Explain the significance of the ASEAN region and its member states/societies in the Asia Pacific and global contexts;
  2. Explain the impact of location, geographical features, linguistic and religious diversity, colonial and post-colonial history, as well as social, economic and political interactions in constructing ASEAN as a geopolitical unit; and
  3. Use interdisciplinary approaches in assessing the development of ASEAN and its responses to contemporary issues and challenges.

Course Syllabus:

Unit I: Framework and Foundations of ASEAN Studies

Module 1: ASEAN Studies: Objectives and Scope

Lesson 1: Why study ASEAN: The Regional and Global Context

Lesson 2: Scope of ASEAN Studies

Lesson 3: Approaches to ASEAN Studies

Module 2: A Geographical Survey of the ASEAN Region

Lesson 1: Mainland Southeast Asia

Lesson 2: Maritime Southeast Asia 

Lesson 3: Southeast Asia in relation to Asia and the Pacific

Module 3: Peoples of ASEAN: An Ethno-Linguistic Map

Lesson 1: Austro-Asiatic and Continental Dispersions

Lesson 2: The Austronesian World

Lesson 3: Lowland-Upland Cultural Spheres and Social Organization

Lesson 4: Foreign Migrant Communities (Chinese and Indian Diasporas)

Module 4: Religions and Philosophy in ASEAN

Lesson 1: Hindu-Buddhist 

Lesson 2: Islam 

Lesson 3: Christianity 

Lesson 4: Confucian 

Unit II: Colonial and Postcolonial ASEAN Countries

Module 5: ASEAN Countries Under Colonialism

Lesson 1: Legacies of European Rule

Lesson 2: Japanese Expansion and Nipponization

Lesson 3: The United States Imperialism and Impact on ASEAN  

Module 6: Nationalism and Nation-building after Independence

Lesson 1: Nationalist Movements and the Emergence of Nation-States

Lesson 2: Decolonization of ASEAN Countries

Lesson 3: Models of Governance and Social-Economic Development

Module 7: Forging ASEAN Integration

Lesson 1: Development of Pre ASEAN Entity/Antecedent

Lesson 2: Opportunities and Obstacles in Regional Cooperation

Lesson 3: Transitions and Adjustments to an ASEAN 10

Unit III: Building a Regional Community

Module 8: ASEAN Economies in Transition

Lesson 1: ASEAN Trades, Finance and Investments in and Among ASEAN Countries

Lesson 2: Globalization and ASEAN

Lesson 3: Economic Prospects of ASEAN

Module 9: ASEAN’s Diplomacy

Lesson 1: ASEAN and Internal Discords

Lesson 2: ASEAN Bilateral Diplomatic Relations

Lesson 3: ASEAN’s Multilateral Diplomacy

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