ASEAN 202 – ASEAN Studies II

Course Title: ASEAN Studies II

Prerequisites: ASEAN 201

Number of Units: 3

Course Description: ASEAN regionalism, regional order, regional integration and community building through various theoretical perspectives.

Course Objectives:

At the end of the course, the student should be able to:
1. Trace the evolution of ASEAN regionalism;
2. Explain the dynamics of intra-ASEAN cooperation and of its external relations using different theoretical perspectives and approaches to; and
3. Analyze various pertinent issues and problems related to ASEAN’s community building
initiatives and processes in Southeast Asia and in the larger East Asian region.

Course Outline:

Unit I: Theoretical Perspectives and Historical Overview of Southeast Asian International Relations

Module 1: The Impact of Classical and Modern Worldviews on ASEAN International Relations
Lesson 1: The Confucian Worldview, the Islamic Worldview and the Mandala System in Ancient Southeast Asia
Lesson 2: Contemporary ASEAN Studies in Southeast Asia
Lesson 3: Towards an ASEAN Theory of International Relations

Module 2: Current Theorizing on International Relations
Lesson 1:  Contending Theoretical Approaches in the Study of International Relations
Lesson 2: Explaining Regional Integration
Lesson 3: Key Concepts and Conceptual Debates on Regionalism

Module 3: Historical Background of ASEAN Regionalism
Lesson 1: Post-Colonial Southeast Asia: Independence, Nation-building and Territorial Conflicts
Lesson 2: Initial Attempts at Regional Cooperation: ASA, MAPHILINDO, SEATO
Lesson 3: Post-Cold War Cooperation and One Southeast Asia

Unit II: Dynamics and Processes of Regionalism in Southeast Asia

Module 4: ASEAN Structure and Decision-making Processes
Lesson 1: ASEAN’s Diplomatic Culture: The “ASEAN Way”
Lesson 2: Bilateral and Regional Summitry in ASEAN
Lesson 3: Dispute Settlement Mechanisms in ASEAN

Module 5: Legal and Institutional Framework for ASEAN Regionalization
Lesson 1: ASEAN Charter and Regional Identity
Lesson 2: ASEAN 3’s Community Pillars

Module 6: From State-Centered to People-Centered ASEAN
Lesson 1: Public-Private Partnership in ASEAN
Lesson 2: ASEAN Civil Society

Unit III: Challenges and Opportunities for ASEAN Integration

Module 7: Obstacles to Community Building: INTRA-ASEAN Issues
Lesson 1: Issues of Internal Conflicts
Lesson 2: Territorial and Resource Disputes
Lesson 3: Confidence Building and Preventive Diplomacy

Module 8: Managing Regional Security
Lesson 1: Human Security in ASEAN: Challenges and Opportunities
Lesson 2: ASEAN’s Engagement of Major Powers
Lesson 3: The ASEAN Regional Forum and Regional Order

Module 9: Managing the Regional Economy
Lesson 1: ASEAN Economic Integration and the Challenges of the Development Gap
Lesson 2: The Transformation of Major Economic Powers: Implications for ASEAN
Lesson 3: ASEAN and the Asia Pacific Community Building

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