ASEAN 271 – Country Study [Agriculture and Food Security in ASEAN]

Course Title: Country Study [Agriculture and Food Security in ASEAN]

Prerequisites: None

Number of Units: 3

Course Description: ASEAN’s agriculture, its structure, potentials and economic relevance to regional and global food security.

Course Objectives:

At the end of the course, the student should be able to:
1. Differentiate the agriculture’s three different worlds;
2. Explain how the differences of the three worlds helps in formulating strategies for agricultural development and consequent food security programs;
3. Discuss the state of Agriculture and Agricultural Development in the country of interest;
4. Analyze food security situation of the country of interest; and
5. Make recommendations on how to ensure food security given state of agriculture and related development considerations.

Course Outline:

Unit 1: Agriculture and Present Day Realities
Module 1: Agriculture and Its Features
Module 2: Poverty, Hunger and Food Price Escalation Realities
Module 3: Agriculture and its Three Different Worlds
Module 4: Agriculture in the ASEAN Region: Structure, Development, Performance and Challenges
Module 5: Towards an Enabled Environment for ASEAN Agriculture Development

Unit II: Ensuring Food Security: Concepts, Issues, Challenges, and Strategies
Module 6: Understanding Food Security
Module 7: Ensuring Food Security in the ASEAN Region
Module 8: Going Beyond Food Security

Unit Ill: Towards Enhanced Agriculture and Food Security Development in the Region
Module 9: Prospects for Agricultural Propelled Development for ASEAN
Module 10: Emerging Regional Food Security Agenda

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