Research and Development (R&D) managers and practitioners convened in a one-day symposium organized by the Diploma in Research and Development Management (DR&DM) program of University of the Philippines Open University’s (UPOU) Faculty of Management and Development Studies (FMDS), in cooperation with the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) – Philippine Council for Industry, Energy, and Emerging Technology Research and Development (PCIEERD).

Titled “R&D Management: Discipline and Practice,” the symposium aimed to determine the application of R&D Management theories from the practices of incumbent research managers and to convene DR&DM students, alumni, and other R&D practitioners in industries and government institutions. It was part of UPOU’s preparation for the institution of the proposed Master of Research and Development Management (MR&DM) program.

Two sessions made up the whole-day symposium. The event formally opened with the welcome message of UPOU Chancellor, Dr. Melinda dela Peña Bandalaria and the opening remarks from DOST-PCIEERD OIC Director, Engr. Raul C. Sabularse. Both of them expressed their delight to be part of the event and the development of the MR&DM program, especially since according to Engr. Sabularse “R&D management is important to effectively and efficiently manage resources available.”

Three experts were featured for the morning session. Dr. Carlos Primo C. David, Professor at the UP Diliman National Institute for Geological Science (NIGS) spoke about “Impact Science: Managing R&D to Maximize Impact.” He focused on the importance of repurposing R&D based on the impact it will make to the society and shared about a research project conducted in Laurel, Batangas that resulted to the establishment of a waterworks which supplies clean water to over 150 households.

The next speaker was Dr. Eufemio Rasco, Jr. from the National Academy of Science and Technology (NAST), who spoke as a practitioner of R&D Management. Dr. Rasco shared lessons for top level R&D managers and mid-level managers which he learned from his 43 years of practice. Some important lessons he mentioned were to continue learning, and create partnerships and mentor others.

The last speaker for the morning session was Director Edison D. Cruz, the Executive Director of the UP DIliman Technology Management Center (TMC). He introduced Technology Commercialization and discussed about the different strategies to link R&D and with the industries, and what factors should be considered for corporations to adopt R&D innovations.

Two guest speakers were featured during the afternoon session. To get an appreciation of Research Management as a field of study and understand the disciplinal bases of Research Management, Dr. Melinda F. Lumanta, faculty member of the DR&DM program and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs of UPOU, presented about harnessing creativity for research productivity in Research Management.

Dr. Jaine C. Reyes, Program Chair of the UPOU DR&DM program and Director of the Institute for Governance and Rural Development (IGRD), presented her study on “Profiling R&D Management Learners and Practitioners: A Market and Needs Assessment.” She shared the history of R&D Management and tackled the preferences and interests of R&D Management learners including their interest in the coming implementation of the MR&DM program.

Open fora followed for both the morning and afternoon sessions where participants were able to share their thoughts and obtain answers to their questions. Many of the participants expressed their interest in the implementation of the MR&DM program and eagerly shared their thoughts through a survey done by the UPOU DR&DM program. On behalf of the FMDS Dean, Dr. Primo Garcia, Dr. Jean A. Saludadez, faculty member of the DR&DM program and UPOU Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration, formally closed the event and thanked everyone who took part in the symposium, especially the speakers who generously shared their knowledge about the discipline and practice of R&D Management.

This event was held on 05 September 2018 at the UPOU Centennial Center for Digital Learning (CCDL) Auditorium in Los Baños, Laguna, and was web streamed live over (ACLlamas)