Regine Karla Bagalanon

Assistant Professor

Faculty of Management and Development Studies

University of the Philippines Open University

  • Specialization and Diversification

    • Nurse Practitioner
    • Clinical Nurse
    • Nurse Educator
  • Leadership and Management
  • Curricular Innovations
  • Evolving Healthcare Technologies
  • Global Health Perspective
  • Interprofessional Collaboration
  • Mental Health
  • Co-author, Online Graduate Nursing Laddered Program: Stakeholders’ Perspective
  • Co-investigator, Project Capsoul: Caring for the Carers (Phase 1 of 4)
  • Online graduate nursing laddered program: Stakeholders’ perspective” at the Tri-Conference 2023 (ICODel, ISEAC, ASEANnale) held on 22-24 August 2023

  • Hodskin’s Lymphoma Lecture at University Health Service, Nursing Department, January 2023

  • Telenursing (for Covid) Project at University Health Service, UPLB 
  • N204 Advanced Adult Health
  • N260 Advanced Pathophysiology

UPOU Master of Arts in Nursing

  • Member, Task Force to develop the Master of Nursing in Clinical Education
  • Reviewer, Journal of Management and Development Studies