• Course Exam

Your Faculty-in-Charge (FIC) will announce in the Course Guide or course site how you will take your examination/s. There are several ways examinations are conducted at the Faculty of Management and Development Studies:

  1. Sit-down proctored examination at UPOU Mega Learning Hubs (currently closed due to health crisis) 
  2. Online proctored examination via UPOU Exam Portal at UPOU Mega Learning Hubs (currently closed due to health crisis) 
  3. Online non-proctored examination through UPOU Exam Portal
  4. FIC-administered online examination through MyPortal (course site)
  5. Take home examination to be submitted at the course site

Note: For the past years, proctored UPOU examinations have been administered sit-down at the UPOU designated examination venue under the supervision of an examiner/proctor. However, due to COVID-19, all proctored exams moved online. You can now take these exams safely from home or any convenient location. For details on proctored examination services, visit the OSA website.

  • Comprehensive Exam

Note that if you are applying for the comprehensive examination, you need to be officially enrolled or on residency during the term in which the examination is scheduled. Remember to also consult first your Program Chair for specific requirements that should be met before taking the comprehensive exam. For comprehensive exam schedule and application procedures, please refer to the links below: