The UPOU Student Portal is your online gateway for accessing the Online Registration System (ORS), requesting for overload, applying for Dropping, LOA, and completion of EXT / removal or 4.00, viewing your grades, and updating contact details.

MyPortal is where you can access all your courses and other relevant study-related information. Each online course (or subject) would have its own virtual classroom referred to as the ‘course site’ with features like discussion boards/forums, announcement of requirements, online chat, repository of learning materials, assignment bins, wiki, blogs, and other tools for collaborative learning.

This online orientation site contains the resources and information you need to know as new UPOU students. It aims to acquaint you with UPOU and Open and Distance eLearning (ODeL), support your adjustment to ODeL, and introduce you to FMDS and your respective programs.

The objective of this gender sensitivity orientation is to help you become a gender-sensitive and responsive UPOU student who will play a crucial role in integrating and mainstreaming gender as a development perspective into your disciplines.

The UPOU Exam Portal is the official platform for online proctored examinations excluding FIC/Program-administered examinations. It is a moodle-based web application developed by the Information and Communication Technology Development Office (ICTDO). The Google Meet app is used as the video conferencing software for exam invigilation.