ASEAN 231- Communications and Media in the ASEAN Context

Course Title: Communications and Media in the ASEAN Context

Prerequisites: None

Number of Units: 3

Course Description: The role of communication programs, information and communications technologies, mass media and media systems in the development and evolution of the ASEAN

Course Objectives:

At the end of the course, the student should be:
1. Knowledgeable with ASEAN ICTs, media systems and communication policies and programs;
2. Appreciative of the role of communication as a major social force in the ASEAN region; and
3. Able to apply critical thinking skills in the analysis of ASEAN communication policies and programs.

Course Outline:

Unit I: Introduction

Module 1: Elements of ASEAN Media and Communication
Lesson 1: Communications Technology
Lesson 2: Communication Programs
Lesson 3: Communication Systems

Module 2: History of ASEAN Media and Communication Systems
Lesson 1: Pre-Colonial Indigenous Media
Lesson 2: The Colonial Press
Lesson 3: Post-Colonial Media

Module 3: Communication Values, Models and Systems
Lesson 1: The Four Theories of the Press
Lesson 2: Comparative Communication Systems
Lesson 3: An Evolving ASEAN Model

Unit II: Communication as a Social Force in the ASEAN

Module 4: Media’s Watchdog Function
Lesson 1: Case Study: Singapore
Lesson 2: Case Study: Malaysia
Lesson 3: Case Study: Cambodia

Module 5: Media’s Developmental Function
Lesson 1: Case Study: Vietnam’s Media Support to Rice Production
Lesson 2: Case Study: Myanmar’s Safe Sex Social Marketing Campaign
Lesson 3: Case Study: Lao PDR’s Bird Flu IEC Campaign

Module 6: Media’s Mobilization Function
Lesson 1: Case Study: People Power and the Philippine Underground Press
Lesson 2: Case Study: Indonesia’s Anti-Corruption Campaign
Lesson 3: Case Study: Thailand’s Yellow and Red Shirts

Unit Ill: Contemporary Developments in the ASEAN Communication Scene

Module 7: Information and Communications Technology
Lesson 1: Regional, Sub-regional and National Infrastructures
Lesson 2: The New Media
Lesson 3: Digital Opportunities for the ASEAN

Module 8: Comparative National Communication Policies
Lesson 1: National Media Policies of ASEAN Countries
Lesson 2: Telecommunications Regulatory Environments (TREs)
Lesson 3: Trans-border Communication Issues

Module 9: Communication and the Evolution of ASEAN
Lesson 1: Communication and the Greater Mekong Sub-region
Lesson 2: Communication and BIMP-EAGA
Lesson 3: Towards an ASEAN Regional Communication Program

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