N207 – Theoretical Foundations of Nursing

Course Description:

This course is an in-depth analysis of nursing theories, theories from other disciplines, such as social and behavioral sciences, and bioethics in nursing. The course also provides applications of the above theories and principles in different nursing situations, client conditions and organizational settings. Learning these theories is very important since they guide nursing practice, education and research and contribute to the development of nursing profession.

Course Objectives:

By the end of the semester, you will be able to:

  1. State the importance of theory in the development of nursing as a discipline
  2. Synthesize theories and principles in terms of purpose, concepts, propositions and assumptions
  3. Apply appropriate nursing theories, theories in related disciplines, and principles of bioethics in different nursing fields:
  4. Clinical/community practice
  5. Research
  6. Education
  7. Administration

Course Outline:

UNIT I – Nursing Theories: Components, Development and Evaluation

Module 1: Nursing Theories: Conceptual Framework

Module 2: Client-Centered Nursing Theories

  • Henderson’s Theory: Definition of Nursing
  • Orem’s Self-Care Theory
  • Pender’s Health Promotion Model

Module 3: Client-Centered Nursing Theories

  • Roy’s Adaptation Theory
  • Levine’s Conversation Principles
  • Hall’s Theory of Care, Core and Cure

Module 4: Nurse-Client Dynamics

  • Peplau’s Interpersonal Relations
  • Watson’s Theory of Human Care
  • Orlando’s Dynamic Nurse-Patient Relationship
  • King’s Goal Attainment Theory

Module 5: Client-Nurse-Environment Dynamics

  • Leininger’s Theory of Culture Care
  • Neuman’s Systems Model

Unit II – Theories from Other Disciplines

Module 6: The General Systems Theory

Module 7: Developmental Theories

Module 8: Learning Theories and Other Related Theories

Module 9: Theories of Change

Module 10: Theories/Models on Communication

Module 11 Crisis Intervention Theory

Module 12: Gender Concepts and Issues in Health

UNIT III – Bioethics in Nursing

Module 13: Foundation and Principles of Bioethics in Nursing

Module 14: The Beginning of Life

Module 15: Autonomy

Module 16:  Beneficence

Module 17:  Justice

Module 18:  Professional-Patient Relationship

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