N219.3 – Intensive Experience in Maternal-Child Nursing

Prerequisites:  N230, N231, N232, N260, N204, N207, N298, N299, 1 Elective

Course Description:

This course involves the application of models, interventions, theories and concepts in MCN. This course focuses on three areas of application:

  1. Nursing practice (80 hours done continuously over two weeks; 64 hours of which involves direct patient care)
  2. Nursing research (at least 62 hours)
  3. Nursing education (50 hours)

Course objectives:

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

As a clinical practitioner:

  1. Analyze current issues (local and international) related to field of specialization and advanced nursing practice
  2. Describe roles and functions of nurses in the care of selected clients
  3. Develop a comprehensive plan of care utilizing a nursing model or theory
  4. Demonstrate skills, knowledge, and appropriate attitudes in the care of clients (e.g., skills in assessment, skills in decision-making in problem prioritization, intervention and care)
  5. Utilize the nursing process in the care of clients
  6. Validate/develop standards of care for a selected client population.

As a researcher:

  1. Write a full proposal on a relevant issue related to field of specialization
  2. Critique one research paper found during literature review.

As a teacher:

  1. Develop an instructional plan related to the subspecialty
  2. Conduct a seminar/workshop based on the developed instructional plan
  3. Evaluate results of teaching or training activity.

Clinical Practicum: 80 hours