N219.4 – Intensive Practicum in Nursing Administration

Prerequisite: N240, N241, N242, N204, N207, N298, N299, 2 Electives

Course Description:

Intensive experience in nursing administration — involves the application of models, interventions, theories, and concepts in nursing administration. This course focuses on three areas of application:

  1. Nursing Administration practice (80 hours done continuously over two weeks);
  2. Nursing research (at least 62 hours)
  3. Nursing education (50 hours)

Course Objectives

At the end of the course, you will be able to act:

As a Nurse Administrator:

  1. Analyze the organizational set-up of the nursing service in terms of:
  2. Philosophy, vision, mission, goals and objectives
  3. Structure
  4. Service, education, and research programs
  5. Policies and procedures
  6. Recruitment and selection of staff
  7. Staff development
  8. Performance appraisal system
  9. Quality assurance
  10. Discipline
  11. Ethics
  12. Formulate a strategic plan for a selected unit in the nursing service.
  13. Describe the role of the Director for Nursing/ Chief Nurse and middle level nurse managers in the budgeting process.

As a Teacher/Educator:

  1. Demonstrate the following roles:
  2. Seminar coordinator
  3. Teacher

– Assess the clients’ needs, focusing on administration related crisis.

– Develop an instructional/ seminar plan

– Implement the instructional activities/ conduct the seminar

– Evaluate the seminar

– Document the teaching activities

As a Researcher:

  1. Prepare a research proposal on an area of interest related to nursing administration.
  2. Present proposal
  3. Implement research proposal/ pilot study
  4. Present the results of the study Requirements.

Practicum Duty Hours: 80 hours

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