N230 – Primary Care of Women

Prerequisites: N207, N204, and N260 as co-requisite

Course Description:

The course aims to provide current knowledge and advanced skills necessary for a clinical nurse specialist to manage health maintenance and non-life-threatening conditions specific to women throughout their life span.

Course Objectives:

After working on this course, the student will be able to:

  1. analyze socio-demographic data related to women’s health,
  2. analyze laws, policies, and programs affecting women and their health,
  3. discuss the concept and strategies of safe motherhood,
  4. acquire advanced knowledge and skills in assessment techniques in obstetrics

and gynecologic conditions,

  1. discuss the management of selected reproductive health conditions,
  2. analyze issues and concerns related to reproductive health,
  3. interpret researches on women’s health

Course Outline:

Topic 1: Women and Development

Topic 2: Laws, Programs and Policies Affecting Women

Topic 3: Safe Motherhood: Concepts and Strategies

Topic 4: Sexuality throughout the Life Span

Topic 5: Assessment Techniques: Obstetric Examinations

Topic 6: Assessment Techniques: Gynecologic Examinations

Topic 7: Nutrition and Elimination Needs

Topic 8: Rest, Sleep Activity, and Exercise

Topic 9: Stress and Coping in Women Throughout the Life Span

Topic 10: Contemporary Gynecologic Conditions

Topic 11: Current Trends in the Care of Perimenopausal Women

Topic 12: Developments in Predicting Ovulation

Topic 13: Nutrition and Elimination Needs

Topic 14: Advances in Diagnosis and Management of Infertility

Topic 15: Psychosocial Problems of Women

Clinical Practicum: 32 hours