N232 – Nursing Care of Children

Prerequisite: N204

Course Description:

This course deals with advanced processes and practices of child health care, integrating physiologic and psychologic approaches. Specifically, the course discusses various topics on health promotion and disease prevention and management of children with alterations in health status from infancy to adolescence. It includes discussion of contemporary pediatric issues and concerns and its implications to nursing practice.

Course Objectives:

The course aims to provide current knowledge and advanced skills necessary for a nurse practitioner/researcher/educator to promote and maintain health and manage alterations in health of children from infancy to adolescence.

By the end of the semester, you will be able to:

  1. Synthesize important concepts, interventions, and outcomes in the care of children,
  2. Analyze status and advances in care of normal and high-risk children,
  3. Demonstrate expertise in assessment of children and in utilizing the nursing process,
  4. Analyze researches on nursing care of children and
  5. Identify opportunities for autonomy, innovation and leadership in childcare.

Course Outline:

UNIT I – Health Promotion in Children

Topic 1. Growth and Development: Theories and Principles

Topic 2. The Child as a Family Member

Topic 3. Child Health Assessment

Topic 4. Promoting Child Health from Infancy to Adolescence

UNIT II – Management of Children with Alterations in Health Status

Topic 5. Illness, Hospitalization and Dying: Their Psychosocial Impact on Children

Topic 6. Helping a Child Maintain Self-Concept while Coping with an Altered Health Status

Topic 7. Common Health Problems in Children: Alterations in Oxygenation

Topic 8. Common Health Problems in Children: Alterations in Fluids and Electrolytes

Topic 9. Common Health Problems in Children: Alterations in Perception and Coordination

Topic 10. Common Health Problems in Children: Alterations in Protective Mechanism

Topic 11. Common Health Problems in Children: Alterations in Nutrition and Metabolism

UNIT III – Contemporary Pediatric Issues and Concerns

Topic 12. Child Abuse

Topic 13. Adolescent Pregnancy

Topic 14. Child Labor

Topic 15. Street Children

Topic 16. Children in Armed Conflict

Topic 17. Researches in the Care of Children

Clinical Practicum: 24 hours




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