N260 – Advanced Adult Health Nursing

Prerequisite: N207, N204

Course Description: Discussion of key concepts, analysis of trends and issues in health care bio-behavioral interventions, and application of the nursing process utilizing selected nursing theories in adult health care.

Course Objectives

Given relevant situations, at the end of the course, the student will be able to—

  1. Analyze patient situation as basis for plan of care
  2. Apply comprehensive plan of nursing care given selected patients in a clinical setting incorporating current technological innovations
  3. Develop competency skills in client assessment: nursing history, risk assessment, physical assessment, psychosocial assessment, interpretation of selected diagnostic tests
  4. Collaborates with multi-disciplinary team in management of care
  5. Develop competencies in clinical decision-making
  6. Derive implications to AHN practice through discussions of the concepts on ethics in care, nursing theories and practice, nursing process, EBP, nursing classification system, and cultural sensitivity
  7. Derives implications in patient care using EBP (Note: include CAT in the TL activities)
  8. Demonstrates independence in patient care management individually or in collaboration with other members of the health care team
  9. Demonstrates skills in risk assessment given selected clients using appropriate methods and tools

Course Outline

Unit I – Key Concepts in Adult Health Nursing

Module 1 Framework of AHN

Module 2 Holistic Care

Module 3 Home Care

Module 4 Adult Client

Unit II – The Nursing Process

Module 5 Client Assignment

Module 6 Nursing Diagnosis

Module 7 Plan Care and Its Implementation

Module 8 Monitoring and Evaluation

Unit III – Application of Selected Nursing Theories using the Nursing Process as Guide

Module 9 The Transcultural Nursing Theory

Module 10 Neuman Health System Model

Module 11 The Essence of Nursing Theories and Nursing Process

Unit IV – Biobehavioral Nursing Management

Module 12 Intervention for Health Promotion and Wellness

Module 13 Self-Care Assistance

Module 14 Critical Care Nursing Intervention

Module 15 Nursing Care for Older Persons

Module 16 Nursing Management for Lifestyle Alteration

Module 17 Pain Management

Module 18 Patient Education

Clinical Practicum: 24 hours

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