N219.6 – Intensive Experience in Adult Health Nursing

Prerequisites: N260, N261, N262, N204, N207, N298, N299, 2 Electives

Course Description: 

Intensive clinical experience in adult health nursing given a subspecialty area.

The graduate students are directed to any of the following for the development of specialty practice:  cardiovascular nursing, oncology nursing, gerontology nursing, and nursing care in chronic illness.  The course applies competency-based and outcomes-based framework.  Implementation of the course is carried out in an academic, hospital-based, and community-based environments.

Course Objectives:

  1. Direct the nursing care of patients/clients through the application of expert knowledge and clinical skills in assessing, diagnosing, and managing health problems to achieve optimal clinical outcomes.
  2. Direct a group of nurses to develop capacities towards high level nursing care, as clinical teacher, and nurse researcher.
  3. Manage a case load of patients/clients within a specialty area in a given setting.
  4. Demonstrate high level critical thinking and clinical decision-making in nursing practice.
  5. Demonstrate leadership in effecting change in nursing education, practice, and research.
  6. Implement health education programs for varied client groups (individuals, families, population groups and communities) to promote and maintain health, prevent illness, and provide interventions in long-term care situations.
  7. Integrate the significant role of the nurse in providing holistic, compassionate nursing care.

Clinical Practicum: 80 hours

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