N298 – Statistical Methods in Nursing

Course Description:

This is one of the core courses of the Master of Arts in Nursing Program which carries a three-unit load. It provides a review of important concepts in statistics and presents their applications in nursing situations. This course equips you with the necessary skill and knowledge on data processing, data analysis, and data presentation.

Course Objectives:

By the end of the semester, you will be able to:

  1. describe data in terms of frequency distribution, measures of central tendency and measures of variability or dispersion
  2. demonstrate applications of normal distribution
  3. present data using appropriate tables and graphs
  4. choose appropriate sampling designs for specific studies
  5. discuss factors that affect sample size
  6. perform estimation and hypothesis testing
  7. describe criteria for selecting statistical tests
  8. utilize the following statistical tests using some data set and any computer software:
  9. Student t-test 1
  10. Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
  11. Pearson Product Moment Correlation
  12. Chi-square test

Course Outline:

UNIT I – Descriptive Statistics

Module 1: Overview of Descriptive Statistics

Module 2: Frequency Distribution

Module 3: Measures of Central Tendency

Module 4: Measures of Dispersion or Variability

Module 5: Graphs and Other Diagrammatic Presentation

Module 6 : The Normal Distribution

UNIT II – Inferential Statistics

Module 7: Introduction to Inferential Statistics

Module 8: Sampling Designs

Module 9: Estimation

Module 10: The Logic of Hypothesis Testing

Module 11: Difference Between Means Tests

Module 12: Analysis of Variance

Unit III – Advanced Statistics

Module 13: Introduction to Correlation and Regression

Module 14: Pearson Product Moment Correlation

Module 15: Chi-square Tests

Module 16: Distribution-free Tests

Module 17: Simple Linear Regression Analysis

Module 18: Multiple Regression Analysis

Unit IV – Integration

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