N299 – Research Methods in Nursing

Prerequisite: N298

Course Description:

A three-unit course on research principles and processes as they are applied in Nursing. The course involves both quantitative and qualitative research methods. Students are expected to develop a research proposal and perform critical appraisals of scientific literature related to their field of specialization.

Course Objectives:

By the end of the semester, you will be able to:

  1. Discuss the role of research in improving nursing practice
  2. Discuss the process, methods, and tools for quantitative and qualitative research
  3. Apply the scientific process to a selected research topic.
  4. Apply the appropriate quantitative / or qualitative research methods to a selected research problem.
  5. Critique a chosen research article following accepted guidelines; and
  6. Write a research proposal based on set guidelines.

Course Outline:

UNIT I – Research and the Scientific Approach

Module 1: Nursing Research and the Scientific Approach

Module 2: Formulating the Research Questions, Objectives and Hypotheses

Module 3: Looking into the Literature

Module 4: Identifying a Frame of Reference: Theoretical and Research Frameworks

UNIT II – Research Designs

Module 5a: Quantitative Research Designs: Non-experimental/Observational

Module 5b: Quantitative Research Designs: Experimental/Interventional

Module 5c: Nature, Characteristics and Types of Qualitative Research

UNIT III – Research Methodology

Module 6: Populations and Samples in Research

Module 7: Role of Measurement, Validity and Reliability

Module 8: Instrument Construction

Module 9: Designing and Implementing a Data Collection Plan

Module 10: Data Analysis and Interpretation

Module 11: Ethics in Research Involving Human Subjects N299 Research Methods in Nursing

UNIT IV – Building an Evidence-Based Nursing Practice

Module 12a: Writing the Research Proposal; Communicating and Reporting Nursing Research Findings

Module 12b: Critical Appraisal in Nursing Research

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