The University of the Philippines Open University (UPOU) Faculty of Management and Development Studies (FMDS), in partnership with the University of Padjadjaran (UNPAD) Faculty of Nursing (FON), conducted a scoping workshop on 15 June 2023 (Thursday) at UNPAD, Bandung, Indonesia. Faculty members expressed their interest in strengthening the collaboration between both universities. These include suggestions for visiting professors to discuss different nursing expertise in both universities, possible research publications and collaborations, and the possibility of exchange students.

After the workshop, Dr. Joane V. Serrano, Professor and Dean of FMDS, introduced the University of the Philippines (UP) System. It was followed by her session on Micro-credentials with the theme “Role in Enhancing International Health Programs” in a roundtable discussion with the Faculty of Nursing (FON), Universitas Padjadjaran as part of the on-going research collaboration with the university. 

The Dean of the Faculty of Nursing, Prof. Kusman Ibrahim, attended the roundtable discussion along with the department representatives of the Faculty.

The roundtable discussion was moderated by Dr. Myra Orugra, Program Chair of the Diploma in/Master of International Health of UPOU-FMDS and Dr. Iqbal Pramukti from the Faculty of Nursing of UNPAD.

Dr. Hana Rizmadewi Agustina from the Pediatric and Fundamental Nursing Department of UNPAD was the first to give her comments and ask her questions. She proposed the possibility of a joint teaching class or program, especially in nursing management and administration. She also expressed her interest in conducting research regarding children with special needs and the opportunity for capacity building by sharing expertise on the advanced research methodology. 

Other faculty members also give their points and comments on the discussion. Prof. Kusman Ibrahim, Dean of the Faculty of Nursing, also expressed his interest in visiting the partner hospitals of UPOU. Dr. Myra Oruga agreed and noted the request of Prof. Ibrahim. She mentioned that they would see the partner hospitals once the UNPAD team visits the Philippines.

Prof. Ibrahim gave his message to the UPOU team and other attendees to express his gratitude and to commend the efforts spent on the activities. Dr. Raini Diah Susanti of UNPAD FON initiated the awarding of certificates along with Prof. Ibrahim. The roundtable discussion was the last event of the weeklong collaboration activities of UNPAD and UPOU. 

As part of the collaboration of both universities, the UNPAD team is also expected to visit the UPOU Headquarters in the Philippines. 

Written by: Gabriela Evangelista • Edited by: Mr. Larry N. Cruz

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