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51st LB Flower & Garden Show Concessionaires
  • List of Merchants for the LBHSI Flower and Garden Show and their Products

    1. Agetano, Paul – Cactus And Succulents
    2. Amparo, Leo – Fruit Trees
    3. Asper, Arce – Rare Fruit And Ornamental Plants, Acai Berry, Surinam Cherry, Lychees
    4. Biona, Vish – Palms, Shrubs, Pots And Garden Accessories
    5. Catipon, Marina – Philodendrons, Monsteras
    6. Dumayas, Wilma – Palms, Philodendrons, Shrubs
    7. Dumayas, Mhin – Begonias And Ferns
    8. Encarnacion, Tess – Agloenemas, Philodendrons, Scented Flowering Plants
    9. Formeloza, Perlita – Orchids, Roses, Anthuriums
    10. Gesmundo, Jarvin Jake – Hoya, Flowering Vines, Flowering Trees, Aroids
    11. Lucero, Vernie Valdez – Certified Organic Plant Supplements, Mussaendas, Amherstia Nobilis, Congea Tomentosa
    12. Olivares, Ruth – Native Trees And Vermicast
    13. Pabalate, Emma – Organic Vegetables from LB Veggie Move Women’s Coop, Bagong Silang , Mt. Makiling
    14. Pionela , Delia – Bromeliads, Medenillas, Ferns, Orchids
    15. Reforma, Cleo – Adenium, Alocasia, Philodendron
    16. Requesto, Ma. Lourdes – Decorative Pots, Home Décor, Potted Plants
    17. Salacup, Joseph – Water Plants (Lilies, Mosaic) Ferns, Colocasia
    18. Salazar, Roland – Rare Ornamental Plants
    19. Segui, Angelo – Herbs And Spices (e.g. Sweet Basil, Rosemary), Flowering Plants, Vegetables
    20. Suiza, Melorie – Bouganvilleas, Cactus & Succulents, Flowering Plants, Dish Gardens
    21. Tansubhapol, Dory – Rare Plants, Fertilizers, Plastic Pots, Gardening Paraphernalia
    22. Valenzuela, Ana Maria – Hoya, Aroids, Begonias, Flowering Vines, Scented Ornamental Plareas
  • Food Merchants

    1. Café Ella – Specialty Coffee And Beverages
    2. Daniela’s – Assorted Filipino Food
    3. Sausage Ni Lucas – Sausages And Sandwiches
    4. Tipas – Hopia
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