MindsMatter@FMDS: Empowering Minds, Nurturing Well-Being, is a health and wellness program for FMDS faculty members, staff, and students.

It offers the following:

  • Mental Health Support

Receive regular access to one on one counseling services provided onsite, available 30-60 minute slots for anyone wishing to avail this service.

  • Life Skills Training for Work-Life Balance

Receive training on time management techniques, such as prioritization, delegation, and goal-setting, to better manage your workload and reduce stress.

  • Workshops, Webinars and Training Sessions

Participate in Cooking demos, Microgreens training, Introduction to Raw Food, Introduction to Compassionate Communication, Healthy Meal & Planning, Art Therapy workshops, etc.

  • Weekly Challenges

Join exciting and rewarding weekly fun & fitness challenges such as Yoga challenge, Walking/step challenge, Water intake challenge, Virtual fitness class i.e. dance or Zumba, Getting morning sun, Screen break every hour, Liquids until lunch, etc

MindsMatter@FMDS Activities

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