Course Description

This non-formal course aims to provide individuals with knowledge and skills in preparing and analyzing a business plan as well as in making business decisions.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course, the student should be able to:

  1. Identify, screen and select business ideas and opportunities;
  2. Define a business plan or a new enterprise plan and explain the importance of preparing it;
  3. Enumerate and describe the components of a new enterprise plan;
  4. Identify the information needed when preparing a new enterprise plan;
  5. Prepare a complete new enterprise plan based on a pre-screened and selected business idea; and
  6. Determine whether a business idea is worth pursuing based on the findings of the plan.

Course Delivery and Materials

The course is delivered online using a combination of:

  • Guided independent study using print-based modules and course guides; and
  • Computer mediated communication on UPOU’s learning management system (MyPortal).

Admission Requirements

Individuals interested in taking the course must have a high school diploma, and proficiency in mathematics and reading and writing in English.

Course Structure

The course covers the following:

Identifying and generating business ideas and opportunities
Screening and selecting business ideas and opportunities
Introduction to new enterprise planning

  • Objectives of new enterprise planning
  • Parts of a new enterprise plan
  • Limitations of a new enterprise plan
  • Basic steps and tools in preparing a new enterprise plan
The market plan
The production/technical plan
The financial plan
The organization and management plan
Socio-economic aspects of new enterprise planning
Practicum – Actual preparation of the plan
Presentation of the plan


Interested participants may register online using the Online Sign-up form, or visit the Faculty of Management and Development Studies, UPOU HQ, Los Baños, Laguna. Details of course offering will be emailed a month before the start of class. (This includes the admission form with the assessment of fees and payment procedures.)

Schedule of Course Offerings

For inquiries, please email FMDS at or call us at (049) 536-6010.