In a momentous event organized by the Faculty of Management and Development Studies (FMDS), a turnover ceremony took place on 23 June 2023 at the Audio-Visual Room, UP Open University Headquarters, Los Baños, Laguna to welcome the new program chairs for the upcoming Academic Year 2023-2024. The outgoing program chairs gracefully handed over their responsibilities to the incoming program chairs, marking a new chapter for the FMDS programs. The ceremony was filled with messages of gratitude, appreciation, and encouragement.

The FMDS turnover ceremony commenced with a warm welcome message delivered by the esteemed FMDS Dean, Dr. Joane V. Serrano. Following the Dean’s address were the heartfelt messages from each of the outgoing program chairs, Dr. Jean A. Saludadez (ASEAN Studies Graduate Program), Dr. Jaine C. Reyes (Diploma in/Master of Research and Development Management, D/MR&DM), Asst. Prof. Juvy Lizette M. Gervacio (Master of Public Management, MPM), Dr. Pedcris M. Orencio (Diploma in Land Use Planning, DLUP), and  Asst. Prof. Karl Abelard Edberto L. Villegas  on behalf of Dr. Consuelo dL. Habito (Diploma in/Master of Environment and Natural Resources Management, D/MEMRM), expressing their gratitude for the opportunity to serve and lead their respective programs. They shared their experiences, challenges, and accomplishments, emphasizing the growth and success achieved during their tenure. Their messages were filled with nostalgia and a sense of fulfillment as they prepared to pass the baton to their successors.

Clockwise from top left: Dr. Jean A. Saludadez, Dr. Jaine C. Reyes, Dr. Pedcris M. Orencio, and Dr. Juvy Lizette M. Gervacio bid farewell, delivering heartfelt speeches

Following the heartfelt addresses from the outgoing program chairs, incoming program chairs accepted the challenge entrusted to them. Starting 1st July 2023, Dr. Ricardo T. Bagarinao will take the helm as the new program chair for the ASEAN Studies Graduate Program, while on 1st August 2023, the following faculty members will assume their roles as the new program chairs: Asst. Prof. Lianne Angelico C. Depante for the MPM program, Dr. Leo Mendel D. Rosario for the D/MR&DM program and Asst. Prof. Karl Abelard Edberto L.. Villegas, Jr. for the D/MENRM program.

Clockwise from top left: Asst. Prof. Lianne Angelico C. Depante, Dr. Leo Mendel D. Rosario, and Asst. Prof. Karl Abelard Edberto L. Villegas deliver inspiring acceptance speeches

Dean Serrano Concludes Ceremony with Inspiring Closing Video Message

The ceremony also included a heartwarming segment where video messages from colleagues were played, recognizing the efforts and dedication of the outgoing program chairs. Colleagues expressed their appreciation for the exemplary leadership and mentorship provided by the outgoing chairs and conveyed their well-wishes for their future endeavors. 

The FMDS Dean, Dr. Joane V. Serrano delivered the closing message, expressing profound gratitude to the outgoing program chairs for their invaluable service to FMDS. They were recognized for their dedication, hard work, and significant contributions to their respective programs. The Dean commended their leadership and acknowledged the positive impact they had on students, faculty, and the overall development of FMDS and its programs. 

The turnover ceremony marked a significant milestone for the FMDS, as it witnessed the transition of leadership and the ushering in of new program chairs. The incoming program chairs expressed their gratitude for the trust bestowed upon them and pledged to uphold the standards of excellence set by their predecessors. With their expertise, enthusiasm, and commitment to academic growth, the FMDS programs are set to flourish under their leadership in the upcoming academic year.

Written by: Dona Lyn M. Piamonte • Edited by: Mr. Larry N. Cruz

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