The Faculty of Management and Development Studies (FMDS) organized its Strategic Planning for Academic Year 2023-2024 from 8 to 10 August 2023 at the Audio-Visual Room, UP Open University Headquarters, Los Baños, Laguna. This three-day event brought together Program Chairs, Faculty members, and staff for a series of engaging discussions and workshops aimed at redefining FMDS’s strategic priorities and ultimately enhancing its impact to key areas such as teaching, research, extension, and public service.

On the first day of the strategic planning, Dean Joane V. Serrano introduced a multifaceted vision for the Faculty, encapsulated by the acronym “TRNSFRM.” As an embodiment of her aspiration for FMDS, TRNSFRM stands for T – Quality of Teaching and Learning, R – Enhance Research, Productivity and Creative Work, N – iNclusive and Equitable Program Offerings, S – Transformative and Dynamic Learner Support, F – Strong Public Service Culture For the People, R – Sustainable and Resilient FMDS, and M – Participatory Leadership/Management. 

Dean Serrano continued with an overview of the organizational structure, emphasizing the vital roles played by Program Chairs and FMDS Staff. Subsequently, FMDS REPS Ms. Dona Lyn Piamonte presented the FMDS microsite, highlighting its comprehensive plan for the content population to offer a rich experience for site visitors. She also presented the FMDS Dashboard, a repository of essential files, marking a leap towards streamlined information access within FMDS. 

Furthermore, Dean Serrano introduced the Quality Assurance (QA) Criteria, along with the Faculty-in-Charge (FIC) Self Checklist and Monitoring Tool. These resources are designed to facilitate the comprehensive review of FMDS’ programs and courses. The tool serves as a guide for Program Chairs to assess their courses, ensuring alignment with the QA standards. Additionally, important discussions such as learner profiles, integration of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into course objectives, learning resources or course assessments were thoroughly addressed for all courses. 

The first day capped with Dean’s brief discussion of the Micro-credentials and encouraged the Program Chairs to consider which courses could be formulated and unbundled into micro-credential offerings.

The second day of the strategic planning commenced with a short synthesis prepared by Dr. Leo Mendel Rosario, Program Chair of the Diploma in and Master of Research and Development Management, encapsulating the essence of the strategic planning’s first day. Dean Serrano immediately followed with a discussion on Immersive Technologies while Program Chairs took the mantle to explore avenues for integrating immersive technologies across programs. 

Dean, Program Chairs and faculty members then engaged in a brainstorming session to discuss FMDS strategic thrusts in the context of public service, uniting the spheres of instruction, research, and linkages and collaboratively shaped the FMDS Framework.

Positioned at the core of this framework was the concept of transformative management and development, symbolizing FMDS’s central role. Extending from this core were arrows branching into various domains, encompassing social welfare, natural resources, technological innovation, markets/entrepreneurship, institutions, governance, policy, and health. These arrows spanned individual, local, national, regional, and global levels, all converging towards sustainability innovations. Ultimately, the framework expanded further to encompass sustainable communities characterized by social equity, healthy ecosystems, and economic viability. This visualization underscored FMDS’s commitment to driving positive impact across diverse sectors and its dedication to fostering a sustainable and harmonious world. 

For the last part, FMDS Administrative Officer Ms. Wyomia Pradas presented the administrative processes and concerns.

The second day of the strategic planning culminated in a group photo joined by the FMDS Dean, Program Chairs, Faculty Members and Staff. 

On the third day of the strategic planning, Dean Serrano provided a comprehensive overview of the context from the preceding two days, particularly as more faculty members joined the proceedings. Following this, the spotlight shifted to the Program Chairs of various courses, including Associate of Arts in Digital Entrepreneurship (AADE), Graduate Certificate in/Master of ASEAN Studies (GCAS/MAS), Diploma in/Master of Environment and Natural Resources Management (D/MENRM), Master of Arts in Nursing (MAN), Diploma in/Master of International Health (D/MIH), Diploma in/Master of Research and Development Management (D/MR&DM), Diploma in/Master of Land Valuation and Management (D/MLVM) and Master of Public Management (MPM). These program chairs took center stage to present their respective outputs and plans.

In the afternoon, the spotlight remained on program presentations from Diploma in/Master of Social Work (D/MSW),  Diploma in Women and Development (DWD), and Continuing Education Program (CEP).

Moving forward, FMDS reaffirmed its dedication to shaping a better world through education, innovation, and sustainable practices.

The three-day event led by Dean Serrano was participated by FMDS Program Chairs Dr. Ricardo T. Bagarinao (via Zoom), Asst. Prof. Karl Abelard L. Villagas Jr., Dr. Myra D. Oruga, Asst. Prof. Cesar Z. Luna, Dr. Leo Mendel D. Rosario, Asst. Prof. Ria Valerie D. Cabanes, Asst. Prof. Lianne Angelico C. Depante, Dr. Maria Lourdes T. Jarabe, and Dr. Finaflor F. Taylan, AADE faculty members Asst. Prof. Tricia C. Ascan and Asst. Prof. Ari Luis C. Halos, and FMDS staff members. The rest of the faculty members joined via Zoom and in-person on the third day including Prof. Primo G. Garcia, Prof. Consuelo dL. Habito, Asst. Prof. Juvy Lizette M.Gervacio, and Asst. Prof. Rita C. Ramos. 

This strategic planning has laid the groundwork for a future characterized by transformation, inclusivity, and excellence in the field of management and development studies. As FMDS continues its journey towards innovation, the vision encapsulated by TRNSFRM promises to guide the Faculty to new heights, shaping a landscape that is both impactful and sustainable. 

Written by: Dona Lyn M. Piamonte • Edited by: Janele Belegal

March 2024
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