FMDS Hosts Successful Writeshop on Designing and Developing Online Course for DRRM

The University of the Philippines Open University – Faculty of Management and Development Studies (UPOU FMDS) hosted a two-day Writeshop on Designing and Developing Online Courses for Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM) with the UP Resilience Institute (UPRI) on 10-11 November 2023, held at the Audio-Visual Room (AVR), UPOU Headquarters, Los Baños, Laguna.

FMDS Dean Dr. Joane V. Serrano commenced the event with a warm welcome. Dean Serrano emphasized the importance of harnessing technology to enhance education in the field of DRRM.

Following the welcome, Asst. Prof. Lianne Angelico Depante, Program Chair of the Master of Public Management, provided an overview of the agenda and the workshop. Asst. Prof. Depante and Dean Serrano’s insights and overview set the stage for a focused and productive session. Following her introduction, Dean Serrano took the lead, delivering a series of enlightening presentations that delved into critical aspects of course development. Her presentations covered a spectrum of vital topics aimed at enhancing the participants’ understanding of effective course design. Dean Serrano focused on the development of resource-based course packages, the application of backward design principles, and the importance of a horizontal plan. 

A significant part of Dean Serrano’s presentation was dedicated to emphasizing the significance of a horizontal plan in the course creation process. Participants gained insights into how this comprehensive plan serves as a guiding framework, providing a cohesive structure for designing and organizing course content.

UPRI participants actively participated in group discussions and writing workshops, providing them with a platform to thoroughly explore the presented concepts. Through engaging in a practice writing activity and forming groups of three, each dedicated to a specific course outcome, they collaboratively laid the groundwork for the horizontal plan of their upcoming course. This interactive session facilitated the exchange of ideas and the collective exploration of innovative strategies for designing online courses tailored to the distinctive challenges of DRRM.

The second synchronous session focused on the alignment of learning outcomes, teaching activities, and assessment strategies. The day’s discussions emphasized the importance of a cohesive approach to course development, ensuring that each component serves the overall goal of preparing students for real-world challenges in DRRM. The participants were also given time to reflect on and improve the first draft they made during the first day of the writeshop. 

Throughout the duration of the writeshop, the participants had the chance to put theory into practice by actively developing course materials. This hands-on approach aims to empower educators and instructional designers to create engaging and effective online courses that align with the specific needs of DRRM education.

Upon the creation of their draft horizontal plan regarding their upcoming course, the participants were given the opportunity to share their outputs, provide valuable insights and inspiration for the ongoing efforts to enhance online education in the field of DRRM. The event was highly successful, cultivating collaboration, fostering innovation, and instilling a collective dedication to advancing education for disaster resilience.

The Writeshop on Designing and Developing Online Courses for DRRM at the UP Open University stands as a testament to the university’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of online education and addressing critical issues such as disaster risk reduction and management.

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Written by Sydney Rovin Macahiya • Edited by Larry N. Cruz