FMDS conducts 2nd Faculty Convention

In line with its effort to provide a platform for regular and affiliate faculty members, lecturers, tutors, and researchers to gather as well as share and showcase best practices in the development and delivery of courses, the FMDS conducted its 2nd Hybrid Faculty Convention on 16 November 2023 at the Audio-Visual Room (AVR), UPOU Headquarters, Los Baños, Laguna and online via Zoom. With integrating sustainability as its theme, the event was hosted by Assistant Professor Lorena Jean Saludadez and attended by FMDS regular and affiliate faculty members, lecturers, tutors, and researchers.

FMDS Dean Joane V. Serrano led the event with her inspiring opening remarks. Dean Serrano emphasized the integration of sustainability in FMDS courses via Open and Distance eLearning (ODeL) and its importance in achieving sustainable development goals.

Presentations on Integrating Sustainability in Research and Development Management (R&DM), Public Management (PM), and International Health (IH) courses via ODeL

The presentation on integrating sustainability in Research and Development Management courses via ODeL was delivered by Dr. Primo G. Garcia, Professor under the Diploma in/Master of Research and Development Management (D/MR&DM) Program and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. Dr. Garcia emphasized the framework of Doctor of Sustainability, the parallelism among sustainability competencies, 21st century skills, and ODeL, and incorporating sustainability in teaching and learning. Sustainability competencies and 21st century skills align with the ODeL approach. Dr. Garcia added that when incorporating sustainability in teaching and learning, review of content and course designs are required. However, he emphasized that not all sustainability skills will be equally addressed in a course, giving anticipatory competence as an example. Dr. Garcia ended his presentation with the statement that sustainability mainstreaming is a continuing process.

Integrating sustainability in Public Management courses via ODeL followed with the presentation of  Dr. Juvy Lizette M. Gervacio, Assistant Professor and former Program Chair of Master of Public Management. Dr. Gervacio emphasized the 19 core skills needed to adapt to the future work categorized into four areas: 1. social and emotional skills, 2. cognitive and metacognitive skills, 3. basic digital skills, and 4. basic skills for green jobs. Moreover, Dr. Gervacio provided steps on how to integrate sustainability in Public Administration, Management and Governance education which consisted of knowing the learners, course alignment, learning resources, and learning activities/assessments. In conclusion, Dr. Gervacio stressed the incorporation of conventional and innovative teaching methods while applying sustainability in the Public Management program.

The presentation on integrating sustainability in International Health courses via ODeL was delivered by Dr. Myra D. Oruga, Associate Professor and Program Chair of the Diploma in/Master of International Health (D/MIH). Dr. Oruga provided 14 program strategies on integrating sustainability in the International Health program. Additionally, Dr. Oruga introduced the Microcredential Project of D/MIH wherein the concept of microcredentials was briefly discussed. Lastly, Dr. Oruga addressed the challenges of the program through a framework.

Presentation on Faculty Service Record

As an added feature, Ms. Wyomia F. Pradas, FMDS Administrative Officer made a presentation about the Faculty Service Record (FSR). Ms. Pradas discussed the teaching load and teaching load credits of the regular and affiliate faculty members and lecturers of the FMDS. She gave emphasis on strict compliance with the necessary forms to be filled out by the Faculties-In-Charge (FICs).

The event was formally closed by Assistant Professor Lloyd Lyndel P. Simporios, OIC-Secretary to the Faculty of FMDS. Assistant Professor Simporios gave his own insights regarding the growing needs of integrating sustainability, not just in FMDS courses, but also in real life. The convention concluded with plans to strictly integrate sustainability in all FMDS courses.

March 2024
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Written by Dina Mae N. Rejano • Edited by Larry N. Cruz