Last 18 April 2024, Assoc. Prof. Finaflor F. Taylan (Diploma in/Master of Social Work [D/MSW Program Chair], and Office of Gender Concerns [OGC] Director) attended the Consultative Meeting of the Career Progression and Specialization Program and Credit Accumulation and Transfer System (CPSP-CATS) Committee for Social Workers under the Professional Regulation Board (PRC). She represented the Technical Working Group (TWG) on Community Organization (CO) and discussed competency standards for advanced social work practice in community organization. This presentation was part of the TWG on Community Organization’s effort to set higher benchmarks for advanced social workers involved in community-level interventions.

Assoc. Prof. Taylan presented these standards to consultants, Professional Regulatory Board (PRB) members, and various stakeholders, marking an important moment in the profession’s growth towards specialization. Creating these competency standards aims to improve the practice of community organization in social work and other identified areas of specialization such as clinical practice, social welfare policy and social administration, ensuring that practitioners have the skills and knowledge needed to make a real difference in Philippine communities and society at large. Focusing on advanced skills is expected to improve the quality of social work services, especially for the poor and the underserved areas.

After this event, on 4 May 2024, the University of the Philippines Open University (UPOU) hosted a TWG meeting where the TWG members in complete attendance finalized the competency standards, picked important training topics for continuing professional education, and planned to start a specialist society for community organization. The TWG’s efforts show their members’ commitment to ongoing professional development and specialization for social workers, following global and national standards.

Introducing these competency standards and creating a CO society are important steps to make advanced social work practices in the Philippines more updated and standardized. These initiatives, supported by PRC and UPOU, aim to give social workers clear guidelines and strong training programs, leading to better community outcomes and improved social welfare across the nation. These initiatives are in line with  UPOU’s mission of providing accessible lifelong learning for all aligned with the SDG 4 through forging partnerships and strengthening relationships with various stakeholders and organizations within the SDG 17.

Written by: Noreen Dianne S. Alazada • Edited by: Assoc. Prof. Finaflor F. Taylan & Mr. Larry N. Cruz

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